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The Process

Providing Small Business a Competitive Edge

What is the Small Business Energy Program?

ELC's small business energy program is a cost-effective approach to reducing energy output and monthly electricity bills. We recognize small businesses are threatened on a number of operational fronts; as a result, we develop energy saving programs specifically with the small business owner in mind. When every dollar is critical to cash-flow and profitability, we shine the light for small business owner who don't have the time, resources or expertise to audit and adjust their own energy usage.

Competitive Edge Summary

  • Zero cash down
  • Up to 70% of costs offset through technology and incentives
  • Estimated energy savings finances program
  • Typically, less than two year financing repayment
  • Start saving, pay less and free your business from rising energy costs
  • Spend on what you really need to grow your business

How does my business benefit?

With no upfront costs, you decide where to spend on your business to become more profitable.

ELC pays up to 35% of costs to retrofit lighting technology and up to another 35% of costs associated with qualifying, energy-efficient installation services. With up to 70% of your costs already eliminated, the remaining share of expense can be achieved through the ELC Competitive Edge program which offers zero-percent financing.

Pays for itself: More than a financing option.

In addition to identifying rebates and incentives, the financing loan repayment plan is based on estimated energy savings from the new, installed energy-efficient measures. As a result, the typical customer pay approximately the same amount as they did before the ELC Competitive Edge program for the length of re-payment - which is generally less than two years. After this period, your business achieves substantial savings through lower energy costs.

Why is this being offered?

With new legislation and a greater emphasis placed on energy conservation and demand-side management, ELC has recognized the need - and burden - on small businesses looking to break through to the next level. ELC's Competitive Edge program was specifically designed to support customers who haven't - or haven't been able to - take advantage of energy efficiency programs. It's ELC's way of helping smaller customers become better environmental citizens without the large price tag that is usually associated as a cost of going green.

Who can participate?

Small businesses with an average 12-month peak demand between 11kW and 200kW.

What do you look for in analyzing my energy-efficiency?

  • Lighting Usage & Behaviors
  • Lighting Technology & Upgrades